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Employee Assistance Programs EASA

Employee Assistance Programs are professional services that are designed to enhance and support an organisation’s most important asset – their employees.

EAP services focus on preventive and proactive interventions for the early detection, identification and resolution of work or personal problems that may adversely affect an employee’s performance and wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Programs have been proven to significantly enhance the ROI of a business. Longitudinal survey data across all major Australian industry sectors in both the public and private sector, shows the significant financial savings of EAPs in the areas of health care, human capital and organisation value.*

For EAP services throughout Australia, we refer to our specialist partner – Employee Assistance Services Australia.

EASA is a national EAP provider

EASA provides a range of practical Employee Assistance Programs designed to enhance employee wellbeing and performance and workplace productivity – all of which helps business achieve its goals.

EASA’s tailored programs are renowned for their proactivity, offering relevant and practical training, management assistance, mentoring, coaching and professional development programs. Confidential employee workplace and off-site counselling, 24/7 telephone counselling, and a critical incident and trauma management response service are also provided. Visit easa.net.au for more information.

*Source: Davidson Trahaire Corpsych, “EAP Return On Investment Summary 2011“.

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